Redeeming an AAMIC Investment?

  • AAMIC endeavours to establish a stable pool of investors and thus better match their investments with high quality mortgages. This would enable us to maximize investors returns when coupled with effective, efficient and low cost back-office operations. Our preferred investor profile are thus stable and not speculative investors. As such, there are basic guidelines and restrictions on retraction by investors (first 4 months restrictions and graduated scale of redemption discounts within the first 3 years from initial investments). However, our basic premises is to allow retraction by investors at any time and AAMIC will evaluate retraction requests during these initial periods on a case by case basis.

How is AAMIC different from mutual funds and REITS?

  • Like mutual funds and REITs, any investment vehicles in the market carries a degree of risk, That is why it is important to assess if investing in our Class A Preferred Shares matches your personal risk appetite, by reviewing in detail our OM before making any investment decision.
  • Mutual funds and most REITs offer investor returns based on both earned revenue from their respective investment pool and also market value fluctuations from the underlying investment. A MIC derives income for its investors based solely from interest revenue from its mortgage portfolio.

How many account can an investor have with AAMIC?

  • An investor can have more than one account based on account type – individual, joint, non-registered and registered plan type (e.g. RSP, Spousal RRSP, TFSA, RESP).
  • Each account however must meet the minimum investment requirement as detailed in “How to Invest” section.