The Investment Manager

Atlantic (HS) Financial Corp. (“Investment Manager”)

Atlantic (HS) Financial Corporation (brokerage license #10422) is part of a financial services group of companies founded by Frank Pa, that has been operating continuously since June 1996 (“Atlantic Financial Group”) with Head Office in Markham, Ontario.

The Investment Manager is responsible for originating, underwriting, adjudicating, servicing and administering each loan on behalf of AAMIC.

The Investment Manager has over 60 years of combined experience (as a corporate entity or through its personnel) in the real estate and mortgage industry as mortgage brokers in over 30,000 mortgage loans totalling over $10 billion in just over the last 10 years, and provided conduits of over $50 million for mortgage investors. Atlantic (HS) Financial Corporation has originated over $75 million of loans since its inception, with a loss experience of 0.1%.

A sister entity within the Atlantic Financial Group, Atlantic (HS) Capital Inc. was established in 2006 as an intermediary for private high net worth investors to participate in the funding and investment of alternative commercial and residential mortgages. Atlantic (HS) Capital has had zero loss experience for its investors since inception.