Investment Strategy

Our investment objectives are focused on capital preservation, strong and consistently high cash yields to investors and performance consistency.

AAMIC invests in MIC eligible Canadian mortgages, focusing primarily on short-term bridge financing needs not currently serviced by traditional real estate lenders, under a risk-adverse set of credit policies and Board oversight. All mortgages are either first ranking, a junior position in a first ranking mortgage, or a subordinated mortgage and secured by real property primarily of single and multi-family residential, office, retail, industrial and other commercial property located across Canada.

Risk Management

While our strategy is simple, its is based on the following fundamental framework and parameters: -

Credit Committee

Credit Committee performs oversight on all mortgage investment activities based on a prudent suite of credit policies and procedures.

Solid Underwriting

Dynamic yet rigorous quantitative analysis of borrowers and properties appraisals.

Prudent Lending

Loan-to-Value (LTV) of 85% on subordinated residential mortgages and 75% LTV on commercial mortgages and subordinated residential mortgages with property appraisals exceeding $800,000 provides a margin of safety.

Short-Term Lending

Duration risk is minimized with maximum mortgage terms of 3 years but overall mortgage portfolio average term of 12 months or less.

Concentration Limits

Limits to reduce exposure on size, borrowers, geography and property types.