What are the existing AAMIC investor profiles?

  • Existing AAMIC Class A Preferred Shares investors fall into one of 3 categories: a) Accredited Investor; b) Family, Friend & Business Associate; or c) make a minimum investment of $150,000.

What is AAMIC investment process?

  • Any investment consideration starts with product information gathering either through a prospectus or an Offering Memorandum.
  • Consult with your investment advisor when considering any investment undertakings. AAMIC can help answer any questions your investment advisor may have by phone (1-905-940-2783) or email us at info@AAMIC.ca.
  • AAMIC will not consider, accept nor take responsibility for any cash, bank draft or equivalent as consideration for investing with us without conducting a thorough vetting processes to ascertain that the person is:
    • Accredited Investor.
    • Family, Friend & Business Associate Investor.
    • Close Personal Friend & Close Business Associates (Saskatchewan).
    • Non-Individual Investor (Minimum $150,000) Investor.
    • And determined to be a Suitable Investor based on an assessment of the risk appetite, knowledge and investment objective of an investor.