Relationship Disclosure

Client Relationship Information Disclosure


National Instrument 31-103 – Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations requires advisers to disclose information that a reasonable investor would expect to know about the client’s relationship with the adviser, including any material conflicts the adviser or its representatives may have with a client. These regulations require advisers to provide this disclosure to clients prior to recommending any trades.


Atlantic Advantage Mortgage Investment Corp. (“AAMIC”) was incorporated on February 24, 2014 pursuant to the Business Corporations Act (Ontario). AAMIC is not a reporting issuer pursuant to applicable securities laws and does not currently intend to file a prospectus or otherwise become a reporting issuer pursuant to applicable securities laws.

The Manager

AAMIC has appointed Atlantic Advantage Management Inc. (the “Manager”) to manage the operation and provide investment portfolio oversight to AAMIC and has also entered into an Investment Services Agreement with Atlantic (HS) Financial Corp (the "Investment Manager") to provide mortgages or interests in mortgages for consideration and purchase by AAMIC. The Investment Manager is also responsible for in overseeing the day to day mortgage investment and the mortgage administrative services of AAMIC's mortgage investment portfolio. AAMIC has policies and procedures to identify, manage and disclose any material conflicts of interest that may exist or reasonably be expected to arise between AAMIC and its clients.

Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (Canada)

AAMIC abides by the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (Canada) and has developed its own Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (“AMLTF”) Policy requirement in in order to minimize the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing as well as to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of money laundering and terrorist financing offences.

AAMIC AMLTF Policy and associated procedures assist in ensuring that monies accepted from mortgagor and investor clients are from legitimate sources to be used for repayment of mortgage loans and investors purchase and sale of AAMIC Class A Preferred Shares. This includes enforcing certain client identification requirements, document retention procedures, as well as providing AAMI and AAMIC representatives, employees, officers and executive management with appropriate training and education.

Relevant investor information in addition to that in the AAMIC Eligible Investor Subscription Agreement Templates is collected through our Prospective Investor Application Checklist .